About Quick Stop Beer & Wine

We are a full service Beer & Wine store conveniently located within Milestone Liberty in Germantown, Maryland. We are committed to having a great wine selection within a reasonable price range, the coldest chilled wines and the coldest beer in town from America’s most popular beer brands to a variety of micro-brews and imports. Make a “Quick Stop” and leave with all your beer and wine needs met.

Monthly Specials
Each month we offer a variety of wine and beer at discounted prices. Check back often to see how you can wet your whistle and save money while doing it!
Local Beers
Ever wonder what the difference was between an Ale and Lager? Or did you know that Trappist is a type of ale only the order of monks in Belgium and the Netherlands bearing this name may rightly use the term Trappist to describe their brews?
Local Wines
Ever wonder what wine goes well with pizza? Not sure what the difference is between an Arneis and Barolo wine? Or are you looking to branch out and learn more about wine and grape varieties?